Six men set out on Seattle’s salty sea air
F/V Destination sailing to Alaskan waters fierce
where in the Bering Sea, their job of crab fishing
the most deadly waters, most deadly career

Another adventure they sought, they knew the risks
they left their loved ones back at home with an extra kiss
families that always counted each moment a fleeting gift
never guaranteed to see their men back in their arms again 

Eight foot seas, snowing, below freezing ocean, frigid cold
no mayday call, no chance to escape, no hope of rescue
debris, remnants, and a beacon floating far from home
their ship swallowed by unforgiving nature, now high seas tomb

Their bodies, claimed, their souls committed in deep blue below
forever now a part of the world they loved, the calling they sought
another story of the sea callously consuming the brave
the human condition, strong…but ultimately no match,

frail in the face of a wicked storm’s rage.

~ Em C.



Dedicated to the 6 lives lost on the F/V Destination this week, a Seattle-based fishing vessel whose home port is the Fisherman’s Terminal, a place I visit frequently for fish and chips, and to walk the docks reading boat names and marveling at the shipping vessels. They bring back the best seafood from this area, and from Alaska and often times they pay the ultimate price. There is a large wall at the terminal where names are inscribed on plaques of those who have paid the price for their passion for the sea.

May they rest in peace and may the families find comfort in their memories.


18 thoughts on “Destination

  1. A beautiful, yet somber ode to The Destination and its crew. I’m reminded of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which is high praise indeed. My prayers sent to the souls and families of this tragic loss.

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  2. Such a dangerous life, lives the sailor, and the sea cares not.
    Wow…very well done, Emily. I’m no stranger to this topic in my work…I always feel a pull toward this type of narrative. It’s a fine tribute to them. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Eric. Yes, it’s a calling for some despite the risk. I love the sea….but…not enough to volunteer for that line of work. Thinking of visiting the terminal and leaving flowers…

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  3. A beautiful tribute, Em. The sea has a draw that for some cannot be denied, though the risk is great. I would go. But I also would need a hundred lifetimes to do all the things I really want to do. Alas. Anyway, a marvelous piece of writing, Poetess! ❤


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