the hole you left feels warmer
than the love you claimed to feel

its vastness gives me comfort —
since you left, it embraces me still

in your absence I’ve seen the truth:
words brandished blades that killed us,

like a stray animal, I am blind with loyalty,
you shoo me away, eschewing promises

“easier this way, best this way…”
so you say, as you watch me limp away

into the forest, until your silhouette fades,
and darkness grows, protector of a heavy heart

the love of nothingness, its unconditional truth
the promise of nothing: the only kind I trust

the hole you left feels safer
than the love I used to feel


~ Em C.



25 thoughts on “Hole

  1. So much here… giving your love is always a risk. Yet true love ought to be a safe place. So I suppose to find it, we set ourselves up for more pain. The question is whether it is worth it to take that chance. It sure doesn’t feel like it when we’ve been so badly hurt. xoxo

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