In Sound and In Silence

How many words will it take?
— should it take?

If I dance with my verbs and fertilize my nouns?
— maybe then.

If I stood on stage and acted them out?
If I stared into your glinting eyes in the crowd?
— maybe then.

What about painting adjectives colors you’ve never seen?
Yes? Sounds orgasmic? It should be.

If…if I said only one word…
would that be okay?

It would need to be the right one.
Which one is that?


If…I spoke one letter ,
could you feel it:


I want your brain to fill in the rest
the poem you hear

in your chest.

What if…I said nothing?

What if I lost my voice?
What if my fingers were broken

Could you feel my words anyway?

I’m speaking them a million different ways.
Let space breathe breath between.
And they will materialize before your eyes,

in sound


in silence.

~ Emily C.



35 thoughts on “In Sound and In Silence

  1. ‘I’m speaking them a million different ways’

    That is a hurdle many can’t get past! Our love speak in many languages. Learning to be fluent in them as both a speaker and receiver takes a vulnerability and willingness that isn’t always present. 💜

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Wonderful, thank you. 🙂 Yes, it’s a bit different than my usual, but I try to challenge my brain. Feel free to dig around. I look forward to seeing your work more as well. And do you have a preferred name I should address you by? S or S Francis?

        Liked by 1 person

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