Got a turntable! It’s red! It sounds awesome! And what would this Seattle girl play first but Nirvana, a classic album that sounds killer on LP. No doubt I’ll add Pearl Jam when I find one. Queen is arriving soon, and I’m sure that I’ll be spending lots of time and too much money at KEXP in their Light in the Attic record store.

Cotton seems interested, too. 😊 Especially in the boxes. And my lap.

Nice to have a little something to smile about.


29 thoughts on “Vinyl

  1. Record player and vinyl is my next adventure… good thought to consider… what would be my new first vinyl. Like getting to redo the old first vinyl, before we called them “vinyls” and called them records. Of course, I am embarrassed to say I believe my first was Shaun Cassidy… although it was a gift… and it might have been the Bay City Rollers.

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    1. Awesome! Yes, I have to say I miss the physical act of thumbing through music. When I came across this one, it was a no-brainer. But there are so many good choices! Your soul will know it when it sees it.

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  2. Reblogged this on sailorpoet and commented:

    Repost: So, I am going to start organizing my blog, maybe this weekend, into sections. One of the things I want to do is start each day by sharing a new blogger that I am following, trying to dig into their posts in greater detail than following the feed… .actually going deeper into their back catalog. Poet Girl Em is first up for me, largely because of this post and the inspiration it gives of asking all of you reading along with me this question: What was your first record? And, since one of my goals this year is to return to vinyl, what would be your first vinyl… like getting a do-over. Since my first was either Shaun Cassidy or the Bay City Rollers (gifts from my oldest sister, and quite enjoyed by the young version of me), I am happy for the do-over. My first thought is The Doors’ debut album. However… now I have given myself a pause to think this through… feel free to share your musical journey down below in the comments!

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    1. Oh…they need to be played! πŸ™‚ This is a Pro-ject turntable, ordered from Amazon and here in 3 days. A modern one. But, you can go vintage and those do a great job, too. We have a local independent store that sells turntables. I bet your corner of the world has one, too! And great taste πŸ™‚

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  3. Sweet!!! Nirvana and Pearl Jam will always hold a favorite place here. I’m 45 and M is 46, so those tunes were just coming out in college, and are the songs of our early adulthood. They are timeless and awesome!

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    1. Yes, awesome! I’m 40, and grew up in Seattle at the height of the grunge scene. It was quite the experience. I was just a tad bit too young to be allowed to see Nirvana, but I did get to see Soundgarden live. They certainly are timeless!

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      1. Oh, I can only imagine! Soundgarden is is awesome, too. M saw Nirvana, but I didn’t! Some of my friends went to the first lalapalooza when I was a senior in college, but I was too poor to afford a ticket!! One of those situations you feel you missed something HUGE. Lol

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