So Far Above He’s Below

wicked winds without bones
tells tales in swarming blows
sickening sins not overthrown
gales with force to shake thrones
rattle his crown to cracking floor
jewels break free from tyranny
rank of birth determines gold
damn modernity and pagan blood
bloodline secures greed of power
noble heritage forever its tower
trembling under weight of fraud
wicked words destined to destruct
brought down in verbal utterance
whispered truths cut off lights
dark is left to reveal insights
so far above he’s below those deceived
no followers save a tarnished reflection
no monarchy as his ego believes
just his soul entitled
and rustling leaves

~ Emily C.



11 thoughts on “So Far Above He’s Below

  1. I take that this is about Trump, though when I saw the title I thought you had gone all mystic Em. As above, so below. This is the central doctrine of the Hermetics which incorporates elements of Gnosticism. Certain Gnostics took this literally and when go far in sin because the deeper in hell you are the higher in heaven. I am aware of the occult currents that exist in the far right as well, that would make for an interesting article.

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    1. You know, it wasn’t until I finished this that I saw it could be interpreted about Trump, but it was not intentionally about him. It started out by listening to strong winds. And then I thought that yes, no doubt it will come across that way. 😊 interesting about the Gnostics. Not sure why, but WP just told me you followed my blog…strange…

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      1. Okay, gotcha. I know sometimes WP can be a trickster, too. And yes, it’s a phrase I’ve heard frequently. And I’m curious to learn more about what you mentioned. Belief systems are fascinating. Thanks, Mr. Cake. I always learn something from you, even through my own poetry, it seems. 🙂 Hope each day you are improving.

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      2. Hermeticism (it is where we get the phrase hermetic, meaning secret, tightly sealed) refers to writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (thrice great Hermes), a legendary Egyptian priest King that combined attributes of Hermes (the Greek God equivalent to Mercury) and the Egyptian God Thoth. The Hermetic Corpus was actually written in 2nd Century C.E Alexandria and was re-discovered in 15th Century and had a huge impact on the Renaissance Humanism, especially Giordano Bruno, all of whom believed it was a lot older than it was. The Emerald Tablet is an important document in relation to alchemy. Hermeticism is a more positive version of Gnosticism which was current in the 2nd century. The as above quote is open to interpretation, at its most basic it refers to the idea of the macrocosm/microcosm, the human being below is a reflection of the heavens above, this leads to a theory of correspondences between the stars, the body, metals, nature etc.

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  2. Ah, what Cake said. I have been spending so much time in Cake-land, that is immediately what I thought when I read the title too. Regarding the poem, you are spot on. The man is completely disconnected to reality, believes his own lies and truly thinks everyone should just shut up and listen because he’s the smartest guy in the room. I can barely pay attention. Anyway, well done!

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    1. As I replied to Cake, it wasn’t intentionally about Trump, but I saw after how it could be! Funny. Originally inspired by gusting winds last night and went from there. But, I agree he fits that profile! Thank you, Meg!

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