My Lonely Heart

it was
the way you spoke to me
it was
the crescendo in your tone
it was
the new vocabulary
used to bring my heart home

it was
how you loved my name
how you said it
never the same

it was
the play in your banter
it was
how you never failed laughter
how you knew I needed you

it was
the rise of my pulse
how you brought the heat close
how you stoked my flame

it was
how when I was falling
how you always caught me

it was
the kiss you planted
how the thought of you made me faint

it was
the moment you entered me
it was
the press of you deepening
how you knew the right spot
how you triggered new sounds

it was
the crack of climax

it was
the second I knew

how you melted me
from the start

how you stole
my lonely heart


~ Emily C.



19 thoughts on “My Lonely Heart

      1. It’s only 11:25! Early for a night owl! πŸ˜„ no, but I’m sick and took a nap and now I’m not tired. πŸ˜•

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