When I think,
I twirl my hair,

turn my head to the window
and stare,

watch the snow fall
from inside the cafe,

hear chattering voices,
and belly laughs play.

When I can’t think,
I squirm in my chair

zone out my gaze
on the computer’s glare

words run together
and letters blur

voices now torture
as I stumble to sputter

When I think,
I find myself gazing

at the stranger
across from me.

Does he think I’m interested?

Maybe I am…in who he is,
is he in me?

When he’s thinking,
is he watching me
twirl my hair?

Does he want me
to redirect my stare?

~ Emily C.



29 thoughts on “Twirl

    1. You, Meg and Patty all read it the same way, but she’s twirling her hair and gazing out the window…so maybe he does want her to redirect her gaze? 😃 And thank you, Happy Monday to you! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. You, Eric and Meg all read it the same way, except that since she’s twirling her hair, she’s staring out the window…so maybe does want her to redirect her gaze. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay… so this one tapped the little nerd boy in me:

        Maybe This Time

        I arrive at the café, safe among strangers,
        Better still, aliens
        Descended from spinning space ships
        To sip at this hipster Mos Eisley Cantina.

        I wonder which species matches best
        With which roast; who might teleport
        To the First Moon of Endor
        And play in my treehouse.

        Usually, at this point, I respect that most
        Sippers, head down in computers or phones,
        Don’t notice me and wouldn’t appreciate
        Sly entendres to Han, Leia, and the Force.

        Today, though, something new happens, she
        Stares through tortoise shells with green eyes
        And twirls her hair. Is her stare present or lost
        When it rests on me. When she squirms, I do too.

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