Fingers on the Mirror

Fingers on the mirror trace memories drip by drip

they fall like tears that succumb to the years

the gravity of gravity sinking heart to a puddle

too numb to cry, let the glass do it for me

I spy the scars on my naked frame

the ones you gave me blow by blow, word by word

taken like a champ, suffered like silence — mute

inside boils in fear, but shame is anger’s foil

cracked glass cuts fingertips that point blame

insult to injury when your lies sought facts to tame

make me the scapegoat to your disordered mind

never taking credit — the destruction you made mine,

trickster king creates the insanity then claims sanity,

the world duped, but I know…I will always know,

the sink overflows with my mistaken belief

that your love was remotely real, your act legit

let the truth clear the mirror, I’ll gladly bleed

to remember what I learned, to never again plead

nor beg for the likes of you, go on to fool the next girl

for I am all I need

~ Em C.



37 thoughts on “Fingers on the Mirror

      1. You are welcome😊 I wish no person did but I guess we wouldn’t be who we are today if we didn’t have the experience. Need to celebrate the hard stuff for the gifts they bring right?

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  1. I like this Em. This after all his hurting her physically and emotionally etc. When she’s strong enough now to say she’s enough — she doesn’t need him to survive. She is strong in herself and on her own. It’s a great message. Women should never accept abuse.

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    1. Oh but there are many manifestations, and I highly doubt you are the abusive kind. Don’t feel bad! We all have some level but it’s the destructive kind I’m referring to, the kind that is a psychopath above all else. In the survivor world, the term becomes a blend: “narcopath.” And I wouldn’t consider you a friend if I thought that was you!

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      1. Haha, oh youuuu. 🙂 That’s okay. I’ll just use my imagination. I’m forced to assume you are tall, dark and handsome with the bonus of an accent. I’d be staring in the mirror, too. (Us American women and the whole European thing…I don’t know what it is. 🙂 )

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      2. Funny. Up here in the PNW, we are told we have “reporter” accents…compared to other areas of the country with stronger sounding dialects. I guess that means clean and crisp and clearly annunciated.

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