Quantum Souls

Spooky action at a distance,
Einstein called it,
a quantum particle
in two places at the same time

Quantum entanglement
he thought impossible
but he was wrong…
they proved him so

Our quantum souls
make the clear case
twin flames firing
in serendipitous sync

Oceans vastly apart
miles of water away
in every possible way
distant we stay

But I am there
this moment in time
moving space
around you so

That when my heart beats
it beats inside yours
when I breathe
your lungs inhale

When I cry
your tears will fall
and if I sob
your chest will heave

If I say I love you
you will mouth it back
to me, instantaneously
we will rhyme in time

Our quantum souls
rippling spirits one in same
proving Einstein wrong

faster than the speed of light

we unite

~ Emily C.



43 thoughts on “Quantum Souls

  1. This is brilliant and I see your concept of quantum soul and quantum love. I can feel the energy between these souls, but through eternity. This is a fantastic image of love. True love in eternity, bound by the pure essence of the universe. I love it!

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      1. You are welcome, sweet girl. I don’t stay down long. Never have. I just need to be cognizant of taking in more joy, love and grace to fill myself back up. YOU PROVIDE

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      2. Aw, melt me, why don’t you! I’ll do what I can to keep it up. I’ve got two poems request coming up that should help: Arcades, and James Bond. 😊

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  2. Well science and poetry make a fantastic combination, wonderful proved by your poem Em.

    Another observation though, I think Einstein knew you were going to be a phenomenon.

    How ? Well Einstein said E=mc2

    Wherein E & m are for Em and c is obviously for clapper.

    And 2 is for you are twice the poet compared to others.

    Hence, proved. 😉 😛

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  3. Excellent, you really do like science, a poetic science. I lack the aptitude for science (it has so many facts, I always believe the myth over reality in othe words I’m a bullshit artist) but your conceit is excellent. You should form a school called the neo-metaphysical.

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  4. Reblogged this on sailorpoet and commented:

    I wrap up my exploration of Poet Girl Em’s back catalog with one of her most recent posts, a beautiful love poem that combines a little bit of science with a lot of love. A great poem that we benefit from hearing her read. Thanks Em, and with such a deep back catalog of poetry, don’t think of this as goodbye, but merely hello!

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