I Will Write

I will write this rainy day away
break the clouds with yellow words
soak up the downpour with flowers
draw color so blooms emerge

I will blow the gloom away
nothing dark remains
winter’s hold slips a bit
so spring can come to stay

I will melt cold that’s hardened me
radiate outward to thaw the ice
light my fire internally
exhale fully to finally breathe

I will cease season’s hibernation
its grip cannot suffocate
my will insists to resist
my light will break my cave

I will write the beginning

I will write the start

I will write the new

I will write my heart

~ Em C.




Okay….soooo today. It’s like the millionth time it’s snowed this year. We’ve had probably 4 rounds of 3-5 inches, and several days where it’s just snowed without sticking. BUT, while I normally am not bothered by winter and dark and I actually love snow….this is getting kind of ridiculous, and I am ready for spring. We actually had more snow than Minneapolis this season. Mmhmm…climate change.

If you have a positive poem to share, either a link or a spontaneous response in comments, please share. I could use the boost. 🙂




35 thoughts on “I Will Write

  1. I’m sorry for all the falling precipitation
    All that snow now falling in 5’s & 3’s
    I won’t speak of Florida’s Spring inauguration
    Speaking of this sunshine would just be a tease…..

    How does that work for ya?!😉

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  2. Loved the magical thought of being able to “write the rainy day away”! Reminded me of Disney animation changing the weather. Wonderful imagination. We have that down here in Texas but here it to being able to change it and make the heat go away. We have watched the deluge in the West and Northwest – Sorry! Hope you have a spring soon. Well done!

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    1. Haha, yes…I think I’d rather the rain/snow than the extreme heat. 🙂 Maybe I’ll send some down there and it will even us out. Thanks, and I love the Disney comparison.

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      1. Wow! Can you do that? I would love it! Maybe I can write you some sunshine like you say and we can just trade?? Yes, I think it is great to be able to write like the Disney animation. I like to write in the dark and start by closing my eyes and seeing the topic like the opening scene of a movie and then writing down the words that describe it. That’s sort of the way it seems you write too – visually? Glad I made you smile!! Mission Accomplished.

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  3. Oh man, that’s a lot of snow! I’m going to feel the same way if we get anymore. We got all ours in like ten days. Maybe that’s better. Hugs, sweetheart. I hope you get a heatwave! ❤

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  4. Hopefully this should work in all seasons & weather conditions 🙂

    Song poetry ‘In All This Fury #2’

    listening to the song:

    Song Lyrics
    In All This Fury #2
    In all this fury, called world and chance calm eyes are watching and
    guarding the path of souls’ growth and final splendor in a heart free of
    anger and free of pain or birth.

    In all this fury called love and hate a calm hand is touching the centre of
    things and mysteries’ wings are spreading wide the glory of their

    In all this fury of inner struggle and outer fall I still see the ever-wonderful
    and the birth on earth of light in all, forever the Eternal’s call.

    In all this fury, labeled heaven or hell is always hidden or revealed
    a beauty and a spell, strong and free and young, forever born in
    man’s cave of birth as his adventurous Soul.

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  5. Awww this is adorable. I wish I had something positive to share but this has certainly made me smile. I love your flustered encouragement. Fed up but still enchanted enough with what’s around with a desire to write and write.
    You shall write and you shall always astound 💜

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