Stars ~ 6 words

In response to a 6 word story tag by a friend on Instagram


29 thoughts on “Stars ~ 6 words

  1. Wow! That has to be the Absolutely best and most stunning description of two, true lovers making love that I have ever heard!! A Superb Masterpiece!! You need to Frame that – Poster size!!! The colliding of romantic, emotional and physical love into Ecstasy! I close my eyes and envision the experience and the aftermath in living color!! I’m sad that I have to open my eyes!! You win. You get all the Gold stars!!!

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      1. Great! I’m so glad you loved the visual! I read your words and closed my eyes and saw it! Maybe you can find a fitting photo to show that?? A before photo and then a massive explosive after photo! Just got a twinge talking about that! LOL! Really, think about what you wrote combined with that great visual in a poster?? Could turn into a Meme? Ch-ching! Ha! I can get you more Gold Stars if you want them?

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  2. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:

    Please DO NOT MISS one of the absolute best poems on making love ever – and in only SIX WORDS. PoetGirlEm has created a classic masterpiece of a love poem that I hope you will remember and carry with you in your Heart forever!!! Thank you Ms. Em!!!


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