He stood at the edge, nothing but vast icebergs 

expanding into an endless flat horizon

an arctic desert in the cold tundra plains, 

suspended above the waterworld inhabited 

by creatures that live lightless

translucent tenants of the deep sea

frilled sharks, lantern fish, vampire squid

thousands of feet down below his

he skates across, lost and found

found and lost, where sky becomes ice

and ice becomes sky, this or that end up

an explorer of the soul — he calls for her

echoing her name across glacial canyons

that avalanche thundering truths down

into the frigid depths of his atrophied heart

scarred by the pain of her loss …oh god, her loss

her forever ago, her never here anymore

he wanders lightless like below

and down below, he goes

~ Emily C.



6 thoughts on “Lightless

      1. Thanks Emily… Yes, it looks like the scene in my favorite movie, ” March of the Penguins,” which was a Documentary moderated by Morgan Freeman ( 2005 ).– Antartica was the location .. DID YOU SEE THIS FILM?

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