abused dog behind the fence
barks at butterflies he sees as threats
chases ladybugs in relentless pace
jumps at a turtle meandering space

try as I might with my gentle hand
outstretched gesture of friendship grand
he attacks with a vengeance so fierce
drool drops from his jowls flung free

regardless each stroll past chain link
with calm demeanor: “Good boy.” I speak
offer a stick with a playful toss
maybe someday the bark will be less


~ Emily C.



5 thoughts on “Atticus

  1. The range of subjects that you cover in your writing really is remarkable, Em. As I look back at your March 2016 poetry and now this in 2017, what a great range. Really like this one. Such compassion to add to your many wonderful poetic traits. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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