you, my black hole
a vortexed love
spins vicious

I see my fate foretold
in watching stars
sucked to your singularity
every one compounded
upon your dark soul

lesson seen…unheeded
your gravity
too fierce to resist
I can’t escape your grip

the hearts you’ve taken
clearly mistaken
now mine is on the list

one step
too far
one kiss
too many
one single
I love you

is the ticket across
your event horizon

past the point 
of no return

past the point
of saving myself

helpless I witness
my light snuffed out

~ Emily C.



13 thoughts on “Singularity

  1. A philosophical, metaphorically, masterpiece of poetic creativeness.

    Em, Love this and my heart feels it. 🙂

    A black hole really is an object with very rich structure, just like Earth has a rich structure of mountains, valleys, oceans, and so forth. Its warped space whirls around the central singularity like air in a tornado. ~ Kip Thorne

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  2. So this poem is like a tease of the romantic that feels just a little on the edge like there is something not quite right. Then, the final lines punch the reader in the emotional gut. Really well crafted and very rich. Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A quick re-read now really helps me appreciate the power of your comment “sucked into someone’s vortex” when we should know what we should do but lose to the power of the attraction.

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