The Sound of Leaves

the sound of leaves growing 
millimeter by millimeter
stretching awake,
emerging out of winter’s persistent night

hibernating trees never fully asleep
merely conserving energy
for beauty’s rebirth
their quiet belief amidst grayest light

chainsaws dismember but never 
kill growth, for the tree adapts 
pushing out new branches
around the injury, 
seeking photosynthesis

where once was one limb, 
now there are dozens

~ Emily C.


32 thoughts on “The Sound of Leaves

  1. Do you know the term marcescent? This poem reminds me of that word, which I fell in love with when I learned it at the winter solstice. Leaves that wither but don’t fall off. Reminds me of the persistence of nature. And people. ❤

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  2. Really liked the personification of trees! Funny how Winter and the howling winds that strip the leaves from the trees in Autumn and Winter think they have won until Spring comes again and to show that the wind always loses the war. Kudos.

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