Nurture ~ The Strix


Art by: ApleJohn at JuanderingArtist  (I LOVE this art he created for this post!)

I chose the topic “nurture” for this next collaboration from the Strix. This time, I kept my interpretation short and sweet with a haiku. My fellow contributors again bring their lovely words. Do check them out when you have the time. 🙂



Unfortunately, Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join this time at our collaboration for Nurture, a wonderful topic chosen by Emily. Grateful and happy Manuel was able to step in at the last minute and also excited and honored Jonathan accepted our invitation to create a piece of art for The Strix.

We hope you will enjoy these pieces of art, as much as we feel during the creation process.

~ Patty


Nurture ~ Haiku

your tender hands touch

love breaks walls, defense crumbles

my heart’s scars soften

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm



How bleak and empty looks the future

Without your tender, loving nurture

That you pour out upon me so freely

Like mother with bade in her fine arms

Keeping it soundly safe from all harms

Such that I cannot fail to be thankful

And in your loving presence gleeful

For the compassion you give liberally

And in your nurture my nature is full

To be what I was always meant to be

Yes . . .

How bleak and empty looks the future

Without your tender, loving nurture

~ Jonathan N.

~ from NobleThemes



To feed and protect,
No neglect.
Beyond nurturing one’s offspring,
Completely unstring.

Encourage and support,
Visions distort?
During and after our development,
No evidence of detriment.

Bring up, train and even educate;
Taught to be immune to hate.
Above and below nourishment,
Positivity, flourishing.

Breeding, upbringing;
Are your ears ringing?
Not yet?!!!
Let us try again; Play the cassette!!!

~ M. O.

~ from EmotionsOfLife


Nurture ~ Mirrored Elfje

The earth
Flora and Fauna
All beautiful species within
All negativity with love
Filter and absorb
The rain

~ Patty W.

~ from Mimosa Pudica


Expression Crossing Continents



Topic by Emily
Featured Image by AlpeJohn
Logo by AlpeJohn 


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