Maybe We Are

in someone’s jar
on earth’s marble
maybe we are
concentrically coincidental
encircled abnormalities we coincide
in formalities flooded by time
tree rings and coffee cup stains
raindrop spheres make lake ripples sing
outward and forever and ever and ever
and ever forever subdued by distance
find a wall then ricochet pingbacks
make a new circle, circle the track,
the path, ride wheels that turn on black
leave town and boomerang back
no straight shot without questions left
thoughts repeat predictably
at set times, on set days, over set nights
circumference holds whatever falls
deep within liquid abyss, its death delayed
captured in fish tank display
ambulate by and wonder
maybe we are
on earth’s marble
in someone’s jar

~ Emily C.


*photo by me.


29 thoughts on “Maybe We Are

  1. Wow such excellent writing Emily. You really capture that “fish bowl” feeling well. It would be unnerving to think our world is merely a jar obsverved by another species. Like we’re just some experiment. Although When I read the poem I felt as if there was a purposelessness to the humanity you described. But if we’re in a jar, our experiment had to have some purpose?

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