Watershed ~ A Duet


spied you staged behind forest bark
watching as in flowing cloak, I dart,
light fading, you give heated chase,
let me lead you from here to away

lay me down under spring willow tree
our sun is setting, skin chill settling
moss soft ‘neath these bared breasts
offering you my secret watershed

scratches from bramble and briar thorn
crown of holly and oak leaf
musky scent of earth and skin
dusk light filtered through branch and limb

breath comes in rolling waves
a nocturnal awakening of the wood
cooling and receding from the hours of the day
flesh warm and welcome joined with sounds of the nightย 

growing deep inside my lush fertile glen
heart patters like ritual drumming pagans
raptured voice escapes moaning throat
fists grip grass as crescent moon rose

overhead, the glow of a pale moonbow
time herself pausing in reverence now
hands tell stories in trace of shadows
along rolling terrain of beating chest

arboreal cathedral of oaken rafters

open to the heavens
upon this hallowed ground
this ritual reaches its fevered pitch

like thunderclap on the edge of a storm
desire explodes into a moonlight chorus
the essence of life runs down beneath
to soak into the green earth and become dreams


~ Emily C. & Eric from My Sword and Shield



Thank you to Eric for joining me in this collaboration. A true gentleman and an excellent poet. If you haven’t found his page yet, please pay him a visit and see for yourself, he weaves beautiful stories thatย tug at the heart. Be prepared to swoon. ๐Ÿ™‚


24 thoughts on “Watershed ~ A Duet

  1. Wonderful piece of writing, love the collaboration and use of nature to tell a very passionate story. These lines:
    hands tell stories in trace of shadows
    along rolling terrain of beating chest
    have a very tender feel to them that really evokes the essence of a shared love that is beyond the rawness of passion, but speaks to its depth.

    Really nice writing to you both. Just tracked along to Eric’s page and hit follow… looks like I have another quality back catalog to explore!

    Thanks Em, as always for your great work and thanks for sharing space with another great writer.


    Liked by 1 person

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