Off in the foggy distance, the skyscrapers bloom. 
Steel replicates.
The gears of cranes turn out another floor, another view, 
another cold frame to be filled
by eager young dreamers.

Soon, they will outnumber the pines.
They will put pines on roofs; roofs with faux life, 
balconies with manufactured green. 
Vines to soothe the animal in us.
Forced smiles and fake barbecues.

Binoculars provide temporary relief
of confines.
Chosen. Million dollar deals.

Need not venture out. Just take the elevator to the cafe, the gym.
Have your groceries delivered. Take the meeting in your bed.
Clouds conceal the penthouse. 
Soon, nothing to see.
Stratosphere is the new ocean.
Untouchable sea.
The birds flee.

Art in the hallway, behind the commode,
provides a convenient canvas distraction,
a feast for eyes that can’t see.
Can’t touch. Can’t smell. The forest.

Piped air. Crackless windows. The tower boxed life.
Soon, nothing to live.


~ Emily C.


30 thoughts on “Soon

    1. Seattle is the crane capitol of the country right now, up 38% since last year. We are the fastest growing city. It’s such a beautiful natural city…but it’s changing too fast for my taste. Mostly due to Amazon headquarters and their influx of hiring…pushing out locals and creating a shortage of affordable housing, etc. It’s funny, I started out with an idea for a futuristic fiction story here, but my underlying angst won, I guess! Haha.

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  1. Two new big buildings going up in Philly, too. It’s weirdly pretty though, because I think they’re green buildings with the glass exteriors and living roofs. Plus the city has an amazing rule about incorporating art into all it’s structures. Anyway, the Amazon takeover must be driving prices over the moon! Next come the drones… 😱

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    1. Only two? Lucky. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love a good modernization of areas that need it. But, it’s just out of control here. And honestly, it has caused a fair amount of resentment and conflict between locals/natives and the incoming international workforce with their high salaries and seeming disrespect for our culture and environment. Downtown is essentially owned and dominated by Amazon buildings. Expedia, Microsoft, and a whole host of other tech companies are headquartered here. It’s great for the economy, not so good for the vanquishing middle class forced out by a median home price of $600K. It’s an expensive city, but not quite as much as San Fran…which is why their tech people are moving up here, too. This piece, as I was telling D, was meant to be more of a dystopian sci fi glimpse of the imbalance of man and nature, but you know how it goes, subconscious can take over. 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, I totally got that. Philly is an old city, not a lot of tech here. Old business, banking, accounting and insurance. So growth isn’t explosive. This is probably a good thing although it’s not exactly cheap here either. I can certainly understand the conflicts that would arise as an entirely new workforce invades. 😬

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      2. Interesting article… the economic ‘benefits’ will bring unintended consequences – I thought it was interesting that it mentions that the invading populace will likely be less involved in local arts, be civic minded etc. That stinks – they will consume and not replenish or add to the culture.

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      1. Yup. Which is why when forced to move in 2 months this fall, there was no way to find an affordable house in time, so renting until it’s time to get back into the market. Housing bidding wars are ridiculous and a $400K house is a fixer upper in a weird spot of the city, and will go for 50-100K over asking price in a matter of days.

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      2. And gentrification of old neighborhoods pushes locals out who can’t afford to stay. With an employer like Amazon and other big techies in the city its not likely to bubble and pop either. It’ll just get worse. It’ll push everyone further and further out of the urban centers.

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