Tell Me A Tale

Tell me a tale of the sea, good sir
my body is sore from the journey here
you see, I left my home far away, free
and set out upon my way by sea

Never looked back, did I
just carried my things in this pack, did I
a notebook, a pen, a blanket, a tin
some gruel, a hat, and a pole with to fish

I fear the map was lost in the ocean
my captain swore in all the commotion
he knew the way, but the way he lost
and into the storms we were tossed

Three weeks or maybe ’twas more
one cannot ever truly be sure
as we lost track of the dizzying stars
and the moon was black in the dark

Wind howled as if calling its pack
often I’d resign to howling back
when clocks would stop working
one’s mind would stop working

So ‘till morning came on fateful voyage
many a whale ventured into our visage
rained on our deck with their mighty blow
pounded their blubber upon our bow

Prayers we did utter in humble plea
to save us from our catastrophe
and each narrow escape did we sigh
a heavy heave of missing death’s cry

What mercy bestowed upon me to be
able to share what brings me to thee
for to sit in hard battle-charred chair
relate you my story with greatest care

I’d surely not have breath to speak
you’d surely not be pouring me beer
and I’d surely not be able to ask
for your sea-story to calm this
near-ghost of a lass


~ Emily C.



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