Drop your anchor in my heart,

Sail no further on…

The water is deep

You’ve been losing sleep

And I am your only ocean



~ Emily C.




Streetlight is my moon tonight
My warmth on bedding
That melts the ice
Left by a heart
— If you can call it that
A man
— If you can call him that

Warmer than the love he lacked
lights my side of bed in half
dark is where he used to lie
voided by the fire gone to die

Moon of light emitting diodes…
goodnight, my friend, goodnight
a most reliable comfort you’ve been

in the absence
of him

~ Emily C.




I am jealous of the mountains
their private view of cosmos
the forests’ age in timbered sage
of the raging rivers, pristine lakes
the rolling moors and sandy shores
icebergs and hieroglyphed caves

I envy the lofty clouds
pillowy heavens, close to the sun
the roaring gusts, towering swells
the rain and the pelting hail
the boulders and prehistoric sand

They, the last ones standing
the only ones left 
the sole witnesses
to the end
of time, of this, of now

of all

Swallowed in a brilliant show
of fire
from glory to nothing

(oh, to go so!)

the only audience
the only act
no refund

exit stage left


~ Emily C.



As night looms I make a wish

That our two halves of the earth

Will draw together by love’s sheer force

A gravity of wills that suffers no detours

But pulls your east to my west

And lands my head upon your chest

To hear your heartbeat crystal clear

Not imagined in my bedroom afar

For what is worse than cold ocean’s distance

Than hearing your voice without the touch

I’d swim a million miles to hold you

To be held in arms that won’t let go

No parting of the land can stand

To tear us apart once we attract

I knew the moment I saw your words

The moment I heard your couplets

I would jump hemispheric chasms

Just to hear you breathe my name

~ Emily C.



so you think you can win me

with a sweaty roll of dice

that I’m a bet to be waged

on a warm summer’s night

that I am your door prize

or a stack of cold cash

who will wait until

you call me to come back

to throw whatever remnants

you’ve got left in your hands

that I’ll take half-assed attempts

at my rare heart’s passion

your pathetic pass

gambling on my love

I’m worth more than that

so pony up or run

~ Emily C.



This is in response to a tag for “roll the dice” by a friend on Instagram.

Enter Me ~ w/audio

Enter me

my ivied gates are open
wet with dripping morning dew
verdant and virgin new


see what’s my inside
my garden path awaits
your distinguished tastes

See me

with your eyes closed
explore depths unknown
feel what lies exclusively before


wide I offer my expanse
grow flowers from my lips
shine sun from my womb


long until songbirds call
we will tumble hard
we will free fall


our flesh on passion’s blanket
forgetting all but us, now
cushioned on a field of moans


as the new seed shoots in spring
I am your fertile ground in need
total bliss
in you
I receive


~ Emily C.