Spanish Guitar

Spanish guitar and humid air seduces
as do her lips resting soft on cold glass
dusted with crystallized fears
reflecting regrets, past in a glass
a liquid sunset

A breeze tickles her linen, white clouds
float off the ground, supple skin scented
and coconut
and nectar of sadness

Bare feet and toe rings, a story for every scar
there was wisdom in her flesh
She eyes the distant horizon
dark man with a worldly tan stands
on the edge of her dreams

He breathes her in
her every bitter disappointment, jarring heartbreak
she lingered on his taste buds just long enough
he felt he knew her
her loss, and then, too — her joy

And oh, the smile, that smile…

The kind that can only know ecstasy
for knowing pain


~ Em C.



23 thoughts on “Spanish Guitar

      1. Oh that’s fun! My mom had records and I used to love to listen. That was so long ago though… Mine was pretty good. I saw Beauty and the Beast- I loved it so much!

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      2. Vinyl sound kicks digital’s ass! I’ve been blowing money on records, but it’s so fun. 😆 Can’t wait to see that movie. Glad to know it’s good!

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  1. Em, just in case you were wondering, I love your poetry. You may have picked up on this, and it fills me with joy that the seed of this idea of an online café of writers came from reading your poetry set in those original cafes.

    THIS poem, though, is just beautiful start to finish. I suppose a measure of a successful poem to me is how many times I read it and whether or not I come away with something new every time. Check. And every time I finish, the depth of meaning and the beauty of words gets richer. This one is an absolute gEM (sorry… couldn’t resist). Liquid sunset, clouds out of the linen dress, the scented skin. Rich sensuality. Then the dream sequence, she lingers on his taste buds and the very essential meaning in the end of only being able to know ecstasy by knowing the pain. A wonderfully sensual and human poem.

    So basically… awesome.

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