When Puppets Turn

Whispers in the dark
(are my eyes closed
or not?)

sinister apparitions
play shadow games
on the walls of my mind

strike a pose, mock a dream
show me what I’m wanting

temptations delivered dancing
my deep-seeded seeking
they cackle at my weeping

when puppets turn
their snarls affirm
this conscious life

is the truth
is the nightmare
is the only dream

one in the same
and it is here

I stay

~ Emily C.



In response to a tag on Instagram by a friend for “dreams and nightmares.”


18 thoughts on “When Puppets Turn

  1. Em, this poem feels profound to me as I begin my day here in Singapore. My expectation is that it begins at 4am and spend about 2 hours writing. Over the past couple of months, what I do has evolved from simply journalling to some of the projects I have posted here and will likely evolve into something I am developing in my head that draws on Ray Bradbury’s concept of a self-taught MFA found here: http://www.whatisaplot.com/the-1000-day-mfa/

    Not ready to roll this out officially on my blog, largely because I need to find the time and understand how to manage it with the right support from my community both here and in the tangible world bound by work and family expectations. However, this poem hits me in a place that feels connected to my desire to do this. Somehow also connected to the imaginary cafe I see us sitting at across the room from one another. A cafe filled with many others here in WP, people interested in ideas, words, art, and what you call “deep-seeded seeking” and “this conscious life.” A cafe filled with people who want to find others who don’t want to whisper, snarl, or mock at the life of the mind we want.

    I am very glad to have gotten to know you, Em, and look forward to being in that cafe with you, seeing you read about Butter and other things and maybe sharing a cup of coffee from time to time along with other friends.

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    1. Always happy to have your feedback and interpretation. The MFA idea sounds fascinating, requiring a fair amount of discipline. I think if anyone has it, it would be you. πŸ™‚ I do agree, reading, writing and community. WP is a great “little” cafe and happy to meet you here, as well! Thank you, S.

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      1. The coffee must be strong this time of day! Should I be disciplined enough to do it, I suspect I will be looking to your table to see what you are reading from time to time. 😊

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      2. Over at my table: Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Right; Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Yeats, Selected Poems; Ocean Vuong, Night Sky With Exit Wounds; the Economist various articles printed out from BrainPickings and Aquaman comics. πŸ€“

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