New York (& a cat cameo)

I have much on my mind. Thinking about thinking. I have many would-be poems in my head rattling around. I shudder to think how many first lines I failed to jot down after they pop into my head at random moments through the days, and now are lost in the ether. There is prose and there are chapters yet to be materialized. I’ve found myself feeling like a creative explosion is on the verge, like I may need to hermit (even more so than I have been in my personal life these last several months) in order to honor the thoughts that want out. But, maybe it’s just more a matter of organization. I really don’t know yet.

I continue to work on my health recovery after a difficult year on all fronts. Getting there very slowly. And currently…I miss New York. This time last year I was getting ready to go on a solo trip to NY for the first time. It feels weird not to go this April. So when I hear this song, I had to sing it. Β And miss Cotton decided she wanted to cameo in the video. Haha. Silly girl. It’s pretty hilarious. I’m surprised I made it through. πŸ˜‰

Other randomness: Β I heard from a former personal training client of mine who struggled with her body fat percentage (I don’t care about weight, it’s the bf % that matters) for a long while, and like me, was dealt a long boutΒ of vertigo. She has since found her fire and through crossfit, she has lost pounds of fat, built muscle and she was happy to tell me she just got a PR (personal record) of 250# on deadlift. She thanked me and credited her time with me as what got her where she is now. It’s stories like this that remind me I’ve done something to help and inspire people in my life, even if I’ve had to go on extended hiatus for the time being. I still get thank yous, years later. Means a lot in my darker moments.

If you want to visit my New York Journals, they are here and they are pretty fun. πŸ™‚ You will want to scroll all the way down and start at the beginning. And you can find some of my New York-inspired poetry here.


11 thoughts on “New York (& a cat cameo)

    1. That would be fun! I’ll be sure to tell you if and when I go again! And thanks, after several years in the fitness business (as a trainer, yoga and cycle instructor) I have hundreds of stories like this, as I’m sure you have in your business, too. Always humbling. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ

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