New York ~ Day One

Revisiting my trip to NYC one year ago. Enjoy.

Poet Girl Em


Where does one begin. I put a period at the end of that sentence because it is a statement not a question that can actually be answered. When someone who has never been to New York, visits New York for the first time, life changes. It’s that simple. Every reference to New York in history, stories, popular media, song, saying, iconic symbolism…all of it…in your face. It’s like all of my worlds colliding in a place where I immediately felt like I was home. Why does New York feel like home? How can it feel that way? Seattle is my home. But, as soon as I stepped out on the streets…while it was completely different than Seattle…I felt as if I had been here before and never left. Does this happen to other people? Is this a New York “thing?”  I don’t get it…but again, a question I will…

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One thought on “New York ~ Day One

  1. A great travelogue. NoLita is such a fantastic area of the city. There is this great rice pudding store there, I wonder if you found it! A good diversion for all of us reading along, and for those who have been to NYC too many times to count, a great way to appreciate the city through fresh eyes! My first trip was as a kid, and it was pre-Guilianni, and still a place where little boys diverted their eyes while peaking through the cracks in their fingers to see the taboo… Fun stuff!


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