New York ~ Day Two

Revisiting day two of my trip to NY last year. 🙂

Poet Girl Em


Another glorious day full of surprises. David is the master at them. A man of exuberance, playfulness, brilliance (and not just his impressive sommelier skills), and all out goofy sometimes — but, when he wants to be all class, all surprise, all gentleman, he does it very very well.

First, in this moment, I am back at The Bowery House, showered, bloated from all the food, and the miles and miles of walking we did today — my feet throb with every heartbeat. Somebody must have complained about the heat being too high, as it feels a bit cooler the last two nights which has helped a bit with sleep and not getting overly dehydrated. I have music in my ears. I hear the late night sounds of strangers doing what we do at the end of long days exploring the city. This is basically a glorified hostel. The…

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