Skipping Stars

Skipping stars on your black hole ocean

I dig my toes into sands of time

ripples in the fabric, dark matter fantastic

lost along this exquisite shoreline

We could play in these alien worlds afar

forever, forever gazing toward darkened zones

just take my shaking hand, my love

orate our ancient home’s storied tomes

Step by step, we jump asteroid to asteroid

evading age as our laughter echoes

inside our heads — as silence swallows sound

the world recedes…just another galaxy we know

You catch me on Saturn’s rings, afloat

breaking pebbled pattern, orbits altered

our circles merge in love’s gravity game 

— two hearts in one heartbeat patters

Skip your stars on our black hole ocean

lay me here on web of cosmic cloth

your ultraviolet heat I need deep within me

unleash your universe

into my secret path



~ Em C.



37 thoughts on “Skipping Stars

  1. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve said it before by I do adore your exploration if the stars.
    It’s a dance, so playful and exquisitely executed.
    you capture it all in the line
    “ripples in the fabric, dark matter fantastic”
    urgh, just wonderful 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The amazing SciFi poetic love story the best of all I have every read. I have to say it was really how you brought reference of different cosmological terms with different emotional states. You just blowed my head in this one

    Liked by 1 person

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