Corner Spot

In my corner spot, one stool, one table
two eyes behind glass, peer
book in hand a topic most grand
butter blended history on a palate
of mind, taste through recorded time

Alone in the cafe of my thoughts
a plate of one doughy croissant
a tea for one exotically done
crossing legs, curling into pages
forgetting I’m not the only one

Eyes lift briefly, peeking just above
pages cracked, make eye contact
with a him across coffee-scented air
for a moment in yellow light, we idly stare
but was it me, or was it the picture

On the front cover of the book Butter
— it is pretty tantalizing after all…
I am merely a face in the background
or does he see me as I see him
— a curiosity in creamy-smooth skin?



~Emily C.


The talented S. Francis of Sailorpoet was inspired by a couple poems I wrote with a cafe setting a while back and wanted to collaborate a bit on the topic of strangers in cafes through some response writing.

His poem, which is what my poem above responds to, can be found here.  While each can be read stand-alone, they do kind of complete each other.

WP is like a giant cafe sometimes, strangers glancing across the void, pondering each other, knowing only what we can know through what we are presented. There is so much behind the scenes, am I right? 🙂



31 thoughts on “Corner Spot

  1. this was so lovely Em! loved reading both your poetry, each one different yet as you say so complimentary, life is like a cafe I feel and sometimes the strangest of connections are made. I remember in my college days a young man stopping by my table intrigued by the book I was reading, and we struck up a conversation and have been friends since! Lovely to know you love cafes too!

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    1. Yes, lots of good stories come out of cafes, like yours, for sure! Community is vital. And nothing beats a cozy nook with some nearby goodies, in my opinion. 😊 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. 🙏🏼

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  2. Can I get an iced vanilla chai please? 💕 Loved the imagery that played out in this one… And who doesn’t like butter it’s better with everything especially a French pat of butter. That’s how I maintain this soft, fine figure. 😂 going to read his next. I’ll be back soon.

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    1. Sure! Coming right up! I’m a chai girl myself. Thank you, Bliss! And oh god…butter is my blood, but hopefully not literally. 😉 The book Butter is totally fascinating by the way. I had no idea it had such a history. ❤

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      1. They are wonderful too…the beignets and the cafe du monde. If you ever visit I would love to sip cafe au lait by the river and watch the morning fog engulf Jackson Square, while cathedral bells scare flocks of pigeons up from the damp pavement.
        We’ll try desperately to not get powdered sugar all over us and fail miserably. 😊💕

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      2. Pure magic. What a lovely vision. An aside…the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was here yesterday performing. I listened to their live show broadcast on my favorite radio station. I would have been there but was over-tired yesterday. Sounded kickass. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Meg! The book is so fascinating. There is so much more to it than just how awesome butter is, it’s cultural and religious and pagan history is so unique. Unlike any history I’ve read.

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