I Dared

I’ve been on the ground so long staring down,
I’ve forgotten about the sky above
and the stars that remind me of you, of us.

I’ve neglected the moon as it waxes and wanes,
tells me her stories written in her static sands
by lovers like you, like me, left there for eternity,
whether our memory endures or dies.

I’ve been stumbling over my feet,
dark soul and empty heartbeat,
as meteors etch love letters on black velvet night,

but my gaze cast low, so very low…I know
nothing but loss.

Yet if I could only look up,

I would see how much love exists
because I dared to love,
I dared to exist.



~ Emily C.


15 thoughts on “I Dared

  1. Good morning, Em! First, this line: as meteors etch love letters on black velvet night
    Love it. Love the feel of this poem, the idea that love is there with just a change in perspective with the night just waiting to accommodate with the moon and the meteors. It feels like this one could be the start of a series of poems about the narrator waking up to that love. Seeing the sand on the moon, messages written on it. Reading the letters the meteors write. Very nice.

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  2. Beautifully done and my favorite part was of end I dared to love , I dared to exist it was such a strong message about love cause we might get hurt when love but still we dare to love its just beautiful law of nature that we are bound to dare and love

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