I Cried Rain

the rain cried for me…

this face as dry as an abandoned desert well

kept it all in for too long

like a festering wound

bound to kill from the inside out

the rain cried for me

as I stood there in soaked skin

numb, I spin

in the rain

it sobbed,

overflowing all of my wells

until I couldn’t hide it anymore

memories like pennies floated up and out

resurfacing in the face of doubt

all that was tossed to the dark pit

saw light again in the rain

in the rain, in the rain

as it poured in torrential tears

all of my deepest fears

watered back to life

now free to float away

as sun will shine

to break new day

the rain cried for me


and I cried rain



~ Emily C.



40 thoughts on “I Cried Rain

      1. Ahh, it’ll come. But yeah, sometimes we have to wait for it and fear of it can keep it away. When you’re ready… ❀

        Liked by 1 person

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