Enter Me ~ w/audio

Enter me

my ivied gates are open
wet with dripping morning dew
verdant and virgin new


see what’s my inside
my garden path awaits
your distinguished tastes

See me

with your eyes closed
explore depths unknown
feel what lies exclusively before


wide I offer my expanse
grow flowers from my lips
shine sun from my womb


long until songbirds call
we will tumble hard
we will free fall


our flesh on passion’s blanket
forgetting all but us, now
cushioned on a field of moans


as the new seed shoots in spring
I am your fertile ground in need
total bliss
in you
I receive


~ Emily C.



59 thoughts on “Enter Me ~ w/audio

      1. Ahaha… you’re too kind… im no master, but I do love falling into whimsy with my work.

        I really did enjoy it, it’s so layered with passion and sensuality and read with such calm composure that gives it a real sense of control. The speaker is in charge and your being invited to a moment of sheer poetic bliss.

        I did hear the audio. It’s so weirdly calming listening to you read. I think it’s sort of an aspirational throw back. You were the one that introduced me to the idea and encouraged me to read my own work. Its so lovely to hear that familiar voice and be reminded everything is alright with the world because there’s that special voice to go along with those unique words.
        I don’t record as much as I used to… mostly cause I’ve been saving it for Scots language pieces. Not that any understands what im saying or what I’ve written.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I do remember encouraging your audio. I love the Scots language pieces! Really just tickle my spine. I understand what you’re saying! I could listen all day. 🙂 And thank you. As I’ve probably said before, I’ve never liked my voice, but others seems to, so they win.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You certainly did… and created a audio monster. Not that certain female followers are complaining 😄
        I’m really glad you enjoy the Scots pieces and more that you understand it. I’ve toyed with writing English translations but I think it would take away from them.

        It certainly is a win to hear your voice. We all have hangups when listening to ourselves… I never re listen to my recordings. Once I’ve practiced and got my recording down I’m happy. All my audio levels are pre set so I don’t have to worry about quality.
        I hope you keep it up and get back into thr swing of it all. From my perspective your recordings are inspirational and show people how to take their poetry to the next level. I certainly prove that.


      1. I did! I mean I am!!! I just listened!!! How wonderful!! I love that song. Thank you so much for doing it.

        And I’ve got my King Arthur role-playing game tonight so….how amazingly perfect. Grinning from ear to ear.

        And don’t blush! You know everything about you us gorgeous! Lol. 😍💞

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