The Lady of Shalott

Does anyone listen to these any more or are you all sick of me? πŸ™‚

This is for the wonderful Eric at My Sword and Shield. Β I think it was a request, or did I suggest it…I can’t remember. Ah well.

I love Loreena McKennitt and this song is a beauty…and a beast. 11 minutes full length, so I had to truncate it. πŸ™‚ This was what I could get done today.

Hope you like it! Probably one of the tougher vocal challenges I’ve had.

And Cotton had to cameo…again. Somehow I still managed.


15 thoughts on “The Lady of Shalott

  1. It was your posting of Bonnie Portmore that got us talking about it. and I am so thankful for the effort you have put into doing it for me. Thank you, Emily. I can’t wait to listen to the longer version. I’ll comment back here once I have. ❀ ❀ ❀

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  2. And what better way to celebrate this beloved work by Tennyson. The man was an absolute god when it comes to poetry

    A bow-shot from her bower-eaves,
    He rode between the barley sheaves,
    The sun came dazzling thro’ the leaves,
    And flamed upon the brazen greaves
    Of bold Sir Lancelot.
    A red-cross knight for ever kneel’d
    To a lady in his shield,
    That sparkled on the yellow field,
    Beside remote Shalott.

    Absolutely breathtaking.

    Thank you, Sweet Emily πŸ’™

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  3. Keep playing, and we’ll keep listening. πŸ™‚ I’ve just listened to the original and then back to your version – I think that the harmonium translates well for this song. Well done as always, Emily. ❀

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  4. When it comes to music, I would be the guy in the back of the cafe quietly listening and letting the music wash over him. A pleasant wash this was.

    That sounds stupidly corny!

    I am laughing now at me…

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