Sailor to Siren


Sailor to Siren by Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop


This tenderness comes as a surprise
Drinking where the riverbed was dry
Trees in the wind trembling with love

Mad morning light drew you out the door
Mama didn’t need you anymore
She pointed at night but you saw the stars

Brace yourself and nestle into me
Bear it all like fallen autumn leaves
You don’t even know me that well

Now every blossom’s ready to explode
Rooted in the cracks along the road
The world is a dream that wiggled free

Wild distant water showed me where to run
Papa let me know I’m not enough
He took out the life and left me the hole

Are you the sailor or the siren in the tide
Trusts a tiny ocean and besides
You don’t even know me that well

Your song is warm and coming through the wall
Hearts are thrown to strangers after all
You don’t even know me that well


9 thoughts on “Sailor to Siren

    1. Thanks for listening, Vic! Yes, I had to share that one because they are super cute. He’s married to someone else and has 5 daughters, but he and Jesca are awesome singer partners. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

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      1. Are you familiar with Iron & Wine? That’s Sam Beam. And Jesca Hoop has her own awesome album called Memories Are Now…I think you’d like it, she’s quite unique. They put out a joint album called Love Letter for Fire, and it’s awesome.

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