my hands are wet with your memory

the scent of your love
…at least
the dream of it

“what would you feel like?”

I wonder…

eyes close and mind goes

to those places of hide and seek
we used to play with our words

cut to the chase
do you want me

or not

my body speaks in tongues
languages only you can understand
but in order to translate
you must touch

and you are too far away

I can’t feel, and I need to,

and I feel

my hands are sticky with the answer


~ Em C.



39 thoughts on “Translation

      1. I have read Lolita and most of the novels, great writer most of the time. I like Laughter in the Dark (a nasty gem of a novel) Lolita and The Real Life of Sebastian Knight. Ada is hard work.

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      2. Kubrick did a movie of it as well… Humbert is an absolute bastard who uses his erudition to disguise his nastiness, though it is funny in a grim way. An absolute masterpiece by Nabokov. Did you read my piece about the first publishers of Lolita, the Olympia Press last week?

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      3. Yes, I saw the Kubrick version as well…much prefer the latter, but worth seeing both just for comparison. Humbert is a piece of work. Nabokov’s ability to enter that mind and in turn make the reader enter it is genius, as it is disgusting and perverted. He reportedly went to toss it in the fire after he wrote it, but Vera fished it out. He didn’t want to be known for it.

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      4. Yet it made his fortune…I think that is Nabokov being disingenuous, I don’t think he had any intention of burning it. He was a brilliant writer, with an imposing intellect, I always feel stupid when reading his novels.

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