spent shotgun shells and condoms
litter the stained motel floor

shades parted in morning darkness,
so much for blue sky views

maid came with the cart,
dangling doorknob sign refused

entry reserved for travelers,
come back another day or two

she cleans herself off from him,
face leers in cracked mirror

mascara smeared, she scans;
her current situation clear:

she may have let him in,
but he bust through her door,

took his share and then some,
forced his way into her more

when no was not an answer…
when screams went unheard,

her only hope that shotgun,
his silent body drapes the bed

knows no one will believe her,
options A through Z will fail

system stacked against her,
she stifles tears that fall

for when a girl likes sex,
she must “deserve what she gets”

— fuck that, the truth speaks more
the line was drawn,
the line was crossed

he came
and shortly thereafter

his time.


~ Emily C.



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