I will walk until I resemble evolution
— until innumerable dawns pass overhead
like a pulse beating with each zenith peaked.
Each step shedding layers of scars that float
on the gentle headwind as feathers from goose down;
their path as unwieldy and juvenile as a balloon
escaped from captivity. My skin shifts shades
— as the deadness decomposes, rots,
revealing the birth of a new hide,
untouched by the pain of having loved,
having lived so hard I’ve calloused,
having laughed so hard I’ve bruised my lungs
and burst vessels in my eyes. Equally violent,
the tears carve canyons in the sediment of my cheeks,
designing new riverbeds to travel along
in search of the next shore of relief
— finding in the end, they all lead to one place:
over the cascading waterfall of time unchecked by human intervention.

I will walk. I will walk until the only recognition
is not me of myself,
but of the overwhelming sense of unfamiliarity
— the nothingness of all.
Look at these feet…how they’ve begged to stop,
their pleas go unheard in the gravel they travel.
But, the burden lifts every mile
— lighter and less, longer and lean.
There is no destination, no companion, save birds,
a daydreaming consciousness,
and an instinctual sense of direction.


~ Emily C.



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