Mourning Chris

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream where I was sobbing at the death of someone who was not identified. I woke up exhausted as if I’d been crying all night.

The first thing I do is check my phone and what do I see…Chris Cornell of Soundgarden had died overnight. 

I have been in shock and bawling all day. I have a story to tell. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to put my feelings down and recount this surreal day in Seattle. 

We’ve lost a legend, one of if not the best rock voice in history…4 octave range. 

This city — his birthplace — and the world mourns deeply today.

And that dream…not even kidding. That’s the truth. I can hardly believe it.


Photo my own. I was the first to lay flowers at the fountain and at KEXP radio station today. Space Needle went dark from 9-10pm in his honor.


8 thoughts on “Mourning Chris

    1. Yeah…and I’ve been here through all of them. Sounds like Chris’ wife has disputed the claims of suicide, that he talked to her after the show and was slurring his words telling her he’d taken “one or two extra Ativan.” So perhaps his mental state was altered and while he may have killed himself, it was perhaps more due to the effects of the Ativan, and that he would never have done that in his clear mind.

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  1. My ❤️ to you and all who mourn today. I had just sent an email before I sat down to catch up because I could feel your sadness. Love ya, Starshine.

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