Lands of Time

Jupiter drifted behind swaying pines
while Ursa Major’s bear lines
told me stories of my past

I let my mind, my love, drift to you

…somewhere there in deep dark blue

while meteors burned a trillion tears
in the fragile firmament
on this moonless night

— luna stolen when you died,

so all stars
would be brighter
in your absence:

their gain

our loss…no shame
in this kind of pain
that speaks of the impact

the black hole crater

your superhuman soul left

in shifting lands of time

~ Emily C.



8 thoughts on “Lands of Time

  1. Chris Cornell, a sad loss. Such tragedy in the music world this week, with him departing and the sick bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in England. I think we share a spirit for music, so I get the emotions in this. Lovely poem, Em. Glad to be back at the cafe. Need to go on a walk to stretch my legs, but happy to see you are still writing beautiful poetry, even in the face of such a sad event. RIP Chris.

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      1. Standing by you. Always. I am grateful for this friendship, and what you have added to my life. That Chris and his Voice helped you become this You, I know, makes his lose more powerful to me. May we all stand by one another and through our own creativity, passion, and love show the goodness that he has engendered in our lives and the world. Let his passing be mourned, but not in vain.

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    1. Thank you so much for that thought, Diana. Brings tears to my eyes. I do believe he would be overwhelmed to see the outpouring over his loss. I hope he had some idea how much he was loved.

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