you spun
with a fire that blinded the sun
words flew like daggers glinting with hints of love
landing in soft tissue, piercing shrill notes
twisting three-hundred-sixty

you weaved
like a master of musical tapestry
take that minor and slip into a major key
dancing on ladders of scales, out of our reach
we gape-mouthed,

you teased
with low baritone growl seducing slow
take it up high with a silky string of flow
soul-shuddering soulful croon
there was no where to go, but
other worlds

far beyond,
we flew with you, never looking down
lighting our own lamp, into black expanse,
face-to-face in the darkΒ we embraced
spoken in songs we counted on you
to sing

~ Emily C.



19 thoughts on “Spun

    1. Been heavily mourning the loss of Chris Cornell this week. If you read back it will be made more clear. Not been able to read/write much through the tears. But trying to slowly catch up in the coming week.

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  1. Em, while we all wish to comfort you in your grief, the power of your writing this week has been amazing. Thank you for having the courage to share and hope the cafe remains a safe place for you to cry, write, weep, sing, mourn, and eventually, dance again. You are loved here, we are listening. S

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      1. When we lost our baby, the nurse told us grief is like the game of pitfall (if you recall that video game from our youth…). Never know when the pits are gonna open up on your path, but they do, you fall in, you climb out, you continue through the jungle. Happy to lend you a hand when you ask.

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