ran roaming fingers along my chest
felt your name in goosebump braille
waters rise in dark places
enter if you dare

shhh, silence
I want to hear you breathe
exploring unknown territory
mapless, follow me

plunge your oarย into my depths
call out my name in ricochets
my path will guide you home
echoing climactic refrains

shhh, silence
I want to hear you breathe
our seas merged, our bodies purged
lay you down on me

~ Emily C.



21 thoughts on “Rise

  1. Em – wow… just… wow. The virtual world isn’t adequate to show respect for a poem like this, how do I convey that I am sitting with a huge smile in awe of one of my favorite souls singing one of her best poems yet. Absolutely beautiful. So… when I say wow… just… wow… that is what I am doing, so ya’ know! S

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Fantastic. California weather followed us to Seattleโ˜บWent to Mt. Rainier National Park on Sunday. It was beautiful. Now I am just trying to catch up on my sleep as we were sleeping late every night.


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