simmering skin, night of succulent sin
lit by dark lamp’s phosphorescence
long after switch turns off
glowing just enough
to see outlines — fiery flesh designs

an aura of molten gold traces glittered shoulders
lips and heaving hips
in orgasmic arrays of photonic display
filling holes where mind roams
when reference removed
all but body lines bared 

daring to dance to unseen audience
deeper entranced, deeper ensconced
until no one knows
where I end 
and you begin


~ Emily C.



Slower Road

I will take the slower road with the view
not the faster without
the winding over the straight
hills over the flat

You will catch me gazing along horizon
rainbow sunset mountaintops
go ahead and pass me
we will meet at the same light, stopped

We travel together to a similar place
but I will have experienced the world
while you have experienced pace

life’s gold passing your window
in shutter’s click captured
frame by frame it blinks
in escaping time’s fleeting

you bypass the here
to shave a second off
of there

I will take the slower road with the view
not monotonous rat-racetrack
ocean over asphalt
endless sky intact

~ Emily C.