Under Aching Bough of Pine

daisies leaning toward the sun
late on summerโ€™s eve
my toes in grass curling plead
for ever longer days

shadow shapes evolve
into geometric sundials,
to shift in setting light, I might
easily lose track of time

left etched by patterned memories
making tangrams out of thoughts
overhead swirling sky turns
indigo, a bed to dancing stars

restless heart wanders
under aching bough of pine
climbing high to precipice
till moonlight night is mine

looking for where I left you
where you left me to be
searchlight spies land nigh
to find earth dreaming empty

save for daisies — upright now,
closed to evening sight,
I take their cue, seal my petals
alone to dark ground, I slide

will morrow bring new light?
will it see your face?
on barren turf I toss…
till sleep decides this fate


~ Emily C.




11 thoughts on “Under Aching Bough of Pine

  1. I’ve seen you name before – poet girl em. Maybe on comments on other people’s blog. Then I wrote a song last night. I put it on SoundCloud and sat back. I waited for the world to find me. This morning my net had five fishes. One was Patty who is my good friend. She had also liked another track. So I tracked that track back to you. Here I am having hunted and found. Hello. ๐Ÿ™‚


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