Running to Nothing

running to nothing
clock ticking in hand
sea legs learning
how land legs stand
unfamiliar territory
in a certain state
underfoot warped
by inner ear debate
running to nothing
but revolving doors
spinning me 360 degrees
yet not one degree more
repetitive views
of the circular way here
backwards tracking
into polished truth mirror
running to nothing
when everything’s pain
torn asunder by hand
of time’s casual disdain
discord between brain
while planet rotates
plodding feet feel
old prints leading way
running to something
an elusive daydream
but a something…
a very real illusion
to touch with my own
imagination in action
like a mystery black box
flickering mind fascination
running to everything
can’t turn around now
nothing will follow
as the earth grows fallow
outpace the quick pace
consuming heels of life
nipping at my Achille’s
like a dog off a leash

~ Emily C.



33 thoughts on “Running to Nothing

  1. Beautiful written the process you’re at. Sending you some strengthening energy, cause I think the first session might have been exhausting 😉 XxX


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