Pursuit of Authenticity ~ collab with Wet Bliss

No matter what
I’ll never measure up
To the changing expectations
Which accounts for my hesitation

Stung by the greed
Of your soul-draining need
For me to be your perfect ideal
On aching knees, authenticity pleads

In the toxic air we breathe
Silent tension begins to seethe
Below lowered lashes, swells of emotion
Swirl and spill begging for a buoy of devotion

My heart’s windows open wide
Releasing stagnant love of thine
Followed by my determined feet
A kindred soul my own does seek


~ Wet Bliss and Poet Girl Em (in italics)


Thanks to Wet Bliss again for the collaborations! Really good for the brain to work with others now and then to keep stretching ourselves. Please visit her page for her tantalizing work!