Free Me ~ Haiku


Choking hazy smoke

Another red sun looming

Free me on sailed sea


~ Emily C.




Day 6:  Smoke is still here. I can smell it in the house when I opened the bedroom door this morning to the hall where it’s an obvious contrast. But, then sitting in the house, one acclimates to it.

I have been running HEPA air purifiers with brand new filters round the clock, and have only opened the doors briefly in morning or night to let the cool air in for a bit. And even THAT has been enough to make it smell smokey in here. Check out my filter picture, the one on the left was new on Thursday. The one on the right is unused. Look at all that dirt caught in only 3 days. Crazy! Glad its in there and not my lungs, but I do feel it a bit anyway.

The first two pics are from Sigma Shreedharan again. Yucky air makes for great art!

The third pic is mine off my back deck at sunset. We are still dealing with heat, but it’s only in the high 80s instead of high 90s now. After the 4 feet of rain we had this winter, I didn’t think I’d be desperate for a raincloud, but here we are. 🙂

Side note: my Mac’s trackpad has been causing issues and making my cursor go berserk in a scary way. So, I haven’t been able to use it and all my poetry bookmarks are on that one. I will be delayed even more in catching up on your awesome words. But, in time will be trying my best to catch up.

Also back to my vestibular therapist tomorrow. Still working my way through that, but definitely not as acute as I was. The new exercises have been a challenge for my brain on top of the environmental triggers lately with the heat and smoke. Looking forward to clean air and improved health.

Miss you all and thank you for your steadfast support.



9 thoughts on “Free Me ~ Haiku

  1. I sometimes think it’s natures way of revenge; all those fires in woods all over the planet. Here in Europe; Spain, Portugal, Rumania have large fires. In the Netherlands there was one last month. Then the Earth-Quakes in Italy and on top of that severe rains. I think almost all European countries had have there share of storms with heavy rain (and lots of house under water) this year and then fall and winter is almost here again…
    The States, the Philippines, Australia…fires, snow-storms-tsunami’s…
    Now I’ve listed it (and sure I forgot to mention several) all…yep, I think nature is mad.

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      1. I see us as part of nature, and therefore we must treat all (earth, animals, humans, plants, trees => nature) respectful. I truly believe we have come to a point (in a good and bad way) we can’t survive without each other anymore. We ALL depend on each other to thrive…

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