Six Words


6 thoughts on “Six Words

    1. Thank you, my friend. And sorry for delay. Lots of my plate lately. I’ve posted updates recently. Between working on my vestibular therapy and wildfire smoke and heat waves, and computer issues…I’m hit or miss. But slowly starting to play catch up! 🙏🏼💜

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      1. Trying my best! Having the bad smoke in the air from the Canadian wildfires to our north this week has made me appreciate that much more how clean and clear our air is here compared to some parts of the world. At one point the news said it was worse than Beijing and Mumbai! We certainly aren’t accustomed to this. A few more days and it should start to clear.

        And I’m making progress with my vestibular therapy. It’s just slow going stuff and I’m itching to get back to my old life. I got to try some half lunges at today’s session, though! That made me optimistic.

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