Born New

before the world decides for you,
as your eyes are born brand new…

the colors charm
in many shades
smiles shine
with each new day

babes with curious fingers touch
skin of black, white,
yellow, red…each soft,
each tender yet tough,
over bones
just like their own,
a home

protecting a heart that beats,
that feels and clearly sees
new openings,
moments and memories;
charting a course
on life’s high seas

in time learning who loves,
who hates (and why);
a compassionate comment,
or vile rhetoric;
taught either one
or the other
mimicking a father,
a mother, a friend…

blank slate brewed
in hope or simmering blind fear
influenced by uniting words,
or divisive jeers
the pattern evolves
generation by generation
it all starts with adults
leading the way

setting an example, which one will it be:
an open hand, or a racist fist?
no time like the present
to stand up and fight!

maybe it’s a distant neighbor
maybe it’s your leader…


peace and love
shall overcome


~ Emily C.



24 thoughts on “Born New

    1. I think the confusion has always been lurking in the dark but the current president has brought it up to the surface and encouraged it. It’s a sad time. What a relief it will be when he and his administration are no longer in charge, and perhaps even held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

      And thanks, T! Sending love back πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ

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  1. Beautifully written and and spot on with current turmoil occurring. Hate isn’t innte in babies, or prejudice, that is taught. I liked your reference to Rene (something’s?) “blank slate” in terms of young children. If we don’t think anything of other ethnicities then neither will the children in school. They won’t think they’re better, they’ll just see them as other kids just like them. If we treat all our neighbors as neighbors, reserving judgement. Children will see and notice this. Take care Em πŸ™‚

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