truth killed imagination one day, poisoned by reality,
she has, is forgotten, like a passing rainbow.
that beauty – in a flash – scattered horizon-wide,
a memory of what could have been, no longer.

she wandered far from sources of light;
its tender appeals silenced in hell’s raining fire,
far brighter than any hope she had once…
far cooler than the inside pain she has felt.

nothing is the sole survivor…
but a carcass,
not a smile, nor frown — not joy, not fear
laughter nor tears

a blankness envelops all she was
an existence now consisting of a pulse
perhaps a breath, only an instinct to live,
yet lacking the will…yet lacking the will.

evasive words, a distrust of love
numb to it all, devoid of herself
her battle alone, her fight, her fail
her struggle, and in the end,
her flight.

~ 9.19.17