What Words?

what words do we say now?
prayer hands won’t help.
thoughts can’t mend wounds.
they can’t tell the mother:
your son is coming home
when he’s shot dead.

what words can fix this?
none. not a scripted speech
nor a greeting card
not a social media meme
not even a poem.

the stains of their blood remain,
the ground takes in their life,
the music stopped playing,
shots rang out from high.

lip service and rants
Congress paid by NRA
money is their language.
while people are dying,
they are blinded by
bills in their bank.

those white men in suits
are marked by death
stinking of hypocrisy
decay of democracy

they sit and do

we are used to this now
the price of freedom, they say
we will forget tomorrow
anyway, right?

until the next time comes
and we cry again for change
they count on us
to forget, to shut up
to move on
we move on
with a mission
with a blood drive donation
with gofundmes

and outcries
that without laws
more will die
more will die
more will die

minds must change
people must wage
gunless war
against apathy
against gun lobbies
those who line

their pockets with
the obituaries
of sons and daughters
mothers and fathers
who will not be home
tonight, or,

tomorrow, or,


we wait
it’s not over

not until
spines grow
where the spineless


~ Emily C.