Follow-up with ENT on my balance testing results today.

Basically, while my balance tested normal in each ear, there were abnormalities on some of the tests that indicate there is something not normal possibly with my left inner ear, but most definitely in how my eyes interpret information about my environment and communicate with my vestibular system and brain.

While the doctor didn’t want to say it was labyrinthitis, and thought it wasn’t BPPV-related, or give me any name for what damage or problem my inner ear may have, my vestibular therapist repeated on the phone today her opinion she’s had since my first visit with her in June: that my first flare of vertigo seven years ago could have been labyrinthitis, a virus that attacks inner ear, and that my brain, without proper and timely therapy, did not fully compensate after the injury healed, leading to chronic subjective dizziness or PPPD (Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness). Throw in vestibular migraine, and the two work each other up in the face of multiple triggers (good & bad stress, food migraine triggers, too much or too little sleep, lights and environment, etc.).

Essentially, I keep doing what I’m doing, my vestibular exercises, work to reduce migraine triggers, and possibly go back to neurology for other approaches. I do not want drugs that have more side effects than my current symptoms. So, the test gives me information and validation, even if it doesn’t show damage that may have healed, it shows the after effects of a maladapted neurological system.  He couldn’t say it was solely migraine, and he didn’t tell me it was “all in my head”, he said there is something else going on, and that helps me feel vindicated after 7 years of trying to live with this disorder while looking outwardly healthy. I will keep on the daily fight, and I’m so blessed to have my therapist Julie on my side…she’s a tiger and fighter for her clients, an advocate who knows her stuff and pushes for her clients to be heard and treated.

Still a bit confused, still forgot to ask him some questions, still trying to interpret the vagueness of the results, but there are results in addition to migraine, and that’s something.

I have better days, then I have bad days. I’m keeping up with my exercises as best I can. I see my vestibular therapist every other week. I’ve progressed enough she ordered me to get a disco ball. Yup! Disco ball. My brain hates it, but it’s festive. 🙂